Certified Planting Material

There is no National Certified Standard for grapevine planting material.  Various Grapevine Improvement Associations have developed source areas of propagation material that has undergone thermal therapy and tip culture to remove any potential virus or viroid.

Industry is currently engaged in a project to establish an Australian Grapevine Standard to apply to planting material.  The project encompasses DNA testing to confirm trueness to type (provenance).

KC Vines and Root Stocks’ first choice of planting material is for virus and viroid tested material, using ELISA and PCR molecular testing methods.  KC Vines and Root Stocks have our own certified root stock source area.  The root stocks in the source area were supplied by South Australian Vine Improvement Inc.
There is currently no practical test for trunk diseases. Root stocks cannot be guaranteed free of trunk diseases.  KC Vines and Root Stocks hot water treats all propagation material (root stocks and budwood) prior to propagation as a preventative measure in minimising risk of trunk disease infection of planting material.