Relative Scion Vigour: High
Rootknot Nematode Resistance: High
Dagger Nematode Resistance: Low
Root Lesion Nematode Resistance: High
Phylloxera Resistance: High
Lime Tolerance: Moderate
Drought Tolerance: Moderate to High
Root Strike: Poor
General Comments: Ramsey is well suited to coarse-textured soils of low fertility. It has yielded well with a wide range of scions. It is well suited for Sultana in sandy soils in the Murray River irrigation districts. Caution is required where it may produce excess vigour and where excess potassium uptake may increase juice pH. Unless managed particularly well, it can reduce red wine colour and quality. Moderately tolerant of soil salinity. Susceptible to zinc deficiency. Some incompatibilities have been recorded.